Spelling Menu

Spelling Menu


Beginning this week, students will be able to make choices regarding their spelling homework.  On evenings that ‘spelling menu’ is assigned, your child will choose an activity from the following menu.  All assignments should be completed neatly and have a name on top of the paper.


  1. Write or type each word 3 times each.


  2. Write or type a sentence for each spelling word.Underline the spelling word in each sentence.


  3. Write and illustrate each spelling word.


  4. Put your spelling list in ABC order.


  5. Look up the definition of at least 6 of your spelling words in the dictionary and write or type them.


  6. Write or type a story using at least 8 of your spelling words.


  7. Find at least eight of your spelling words in a newspaper or magazine and cut them out.Glue them on a piece of paper.