March Fancy Folder Book Report

March Book Report
Fancy Folder Biography

This month you will create a “fancy folder” book report.  Choose and read a biography or autobiography about someone you’re interested in learning about.  There are many biographies in our school library.

Students should bring in their biography book for approval by Wednesday, March 15th.

You will orally present your folder to the class on Wed., March 29th.

Be creative and do your best work. Use your time wisely and make sure your final project has all the required elements and is neatly organized.

Creating a Fancy Folder

Materials:  a file folder, notebook paper, glue, markers or crayons.  Directions:

  1. Decorate the front cover of the folder with the title, author, your name, and an illustration.
  2. Create a timeline with five pieces of information.  If dates are not available then include time order words such as first, second, finally, or last. Glue it to the inside of the folder on the left hand side.
  3. On a half-sheet of lined paper, draw an important event or fact about the person you read about.  Label the illustration and glue it inside your folder on the top right.
  4. On a half-sheet of lined paper, write your opinion of the book.  Glue it under the important event or fact.
  5. Draw and label the people or the subject matter that was included in the book on the back of the folder.

Front Cover:

Your Name

Back Cover:

Subject of book with illustrations and labels