February Book Box Report

Book Box Project

Must have book approved by Friday, January 13th.
Project due Wednesday, January 25th.

        Create an information cube/box about a book of your choice, to be approved by your teacher.  Create a six sided cube and give the following information on the six different sides of the cube. 

  1. Title and author
  2. Characters
  3. Setting, including details
  4. Summary with Beginning, Middle, and End
  5. Favorite part with illustration
  6. Personal book rating and recommendation


You must use complete sentences, correct spelling and correct grammar.  Also, be prepared to present your cube to the class.  The amount of effort you put into this project will be reflected in your grade.

2nd Grade Book Box Project Rubric




4 points

3 points

2 points

1 point

Title and Author

Information filled out completely and is quality work.

Information filled out completely.

Some information completed, but not all

Minimal information is completed




All characters listed and is quality work.

All characters listed.

Some characters are listed or there are misspellings of character’s names.

Minimal information is completed.




The setting includes the place and two or more other details.

The setting includes the place and one other detail.

The setting includes the place.

Minimal information is completed.


Summary with Beginning, Middle and End


Summary includes the beginning, middle and end, uses complete sentences and is quality work.

Summary includes beginning, middle and end and uses complete sentences.

The beginning, middle and end are not complete.

Minimal information is completed.


Favorite Part


It is written in complete sentences, has an illustration and is quality work.

It is written in complete sentences and has an illustration.

It is completed, but contains incomplete sentences and/or no illustration.

Minimal information is completed.

Personal Book Rating

It includes a personal rating and recommendation and is quality work.

It includes a personal rating and recommendation.

It includes a personal rating, but not a recommendation.

Minimal information is completed.