Summer Math and Reading Programs



     As part of our 2017 goals, we are challenging every Grandin Court student to participate in our Summer Reading/Math Programs.  Our goal is for every student to read (or be read to) a total of 14 hours during the summer, an average of just ten to fifteen minutes a day and to practice math with “First in Math” and/or math facts an average of five to ten minutes a day.  The website is  First in Math is available until the end of July.

     As your child reads, please record the book title, date, minutes read, and include an adult signature.  Those students completing 14 hours or more of reading/listening to books will earn a field trip during the first month of school.  For math, the students will complete a math pre-test the first week of school.  Please keep track of stickers earned and time spent on this site.

     To qualify for the trip/rewards, reading forms must be submitted the first week we return from summer break.  Each form must include the book titles, number of minutes, and an adult signature to qualify.   We encourage all students to use the Book Adventure Program @  We will be able to access a report from both websites to determine their use. In the event you do not have access to a home computer, the Internet websites are available at all public libraries. 

    The Public Library and Barnes and Noble have special summer reading programs as well.  Sign up at Barnes and Noble, and they will reward your child with a free book once they have read eight books.  Activities at the Public Library this summer include a variety of fun and educational experiences.  For more information, please call the Youth Services Department at 853-2955.  There is also a free summer reading program offered through

   Please encourage your child to participate in the reading/math programs this summer.  This will help your child maintain his/her skills for the fall.  Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.  Have a happy, restful summer.


                                                                                    Theresa Pritchard